Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I add my classified adverts.

A. Just register and once registered you can publish your own ads.

Q. Do I have to pay for a listing?

A. Currently no! This may change in the future but current/unexpired ad’s would remain free.

Q. How long will my listing remain on the site.

A. Currently 90 days but you will be notified when it is expiring and renewal is a simple process.

Q. How many images can I add?

A. Maximum of 6 but they can be edited by yourself at any time.

Q. How many categories can I choose for my listing?

A. A maximum of 3 although we reserve the right to edit these.

Q. How to potential buyers contact me?

A. By default the “contact seller” messages go to the email you used to register. You can add a phone number to the listing if you wish to do so. We do NOT advise adding phone numbers as this is a public website and the number available to those pesky cold callers.

Q. What if I sell my item?

A. Just log in and mark it “sold”.

Q. Can I update/edit my ads?

A. Yes just login and edit at any time (edits are subject to admin approval).

Q. I cannot see the right category for my business!

A. No problem! Just use the “misc” category and we will set up a suitable one on reviewing your ad.

For any other information just contact us.